Mythology and Influences

Marston’s sculpture and pottery are unique and speak of the powerful and sensual side of Nature. Her artistic influences include: Celtic symbolism like trees, bees, moons and angel/goddess figures; Van Gogh; and Northwest Native American art such as that of the Haida people.  Her main influence is Goddess based belief and symbols which comes out everywhere in her art and life.

“All of my work is highly symbolic; for example, trees remind us of the connection of the earth and the spirit world, and the Celtic triskelion denotes the endless cycles of Life, Death, and Rebirth.” – Marston Blow

Marston believes that reestablishing the female part of the divine could help us in our struggle for the earth.  In her life and pottery she strives to reintroduce the female divine to our myth thus bring peace and balance to the earth.

“If you want to change a culture, change its myth.” – Joseph Campbell